OWB AR Mag Carier With Combat Loop .223/5.56

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Our Custom Kydex AR15 Magazine Holder / Kydex Holster or Mag Holsters are handmade, molded, cut, trimmed, assembled and shipped all in house. The thickness of Kydex we use is .080. Fits Steel and Pmags .223/5.56. 
Each carrier comes with adjustable retention and can be outfitted with other popular attachment hardware and currently comes with a Combat Loop which is good for 1-2" belts

The Combat Loop (DCL) is the most advanced holster attachment introduced in years.  The design of the Combat Loop allows the attached item to be carried in the vertical or horizontal position on belts and web gear. This attachment works like a door swinging closed and snapping into place for a secured carry. The DCL can be unlocked and removed via a one-handed spring closure release. This same release has a built-in slide lock safety to secure the mounting to your belt. The DCL design is rugged and secure. The closure and safety "snap" with rugged authority. The DCL hole spacing features 3/4" inch centers and has a removable belt size adjustment bar that fits 2"-inch belts down to 0.25"-inch cords and webbing.